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Our home, our family is a veritable environment. Which is why the sustainability theme deserves a special mention. Because for us, it means compliance: to go beyond regulations.



From empolyees to real assets.

Because sustainability does not only translate with environment as “green” but also means that each part of that being that is the company, is put in the physical and moral condition to perform at best its own work and showcase its full potential, while respecting the diversities. To improve the whole company.


The next generation.

As in every environment, what matters is evolution. From the care of the smallest shoots that leads to deny any form of children exploitation, to the attention to the human and professional growth processes.


Human relationships, not only commercial.

Everyone around us are people to involve, to motivate. Professionals to reward with the adequate economical gratification, according to the determined contracts, but mostly with stimulating humanity. This is only possible through a constant and personal conversation that results in a formal and significant communication.

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Learn more on the methods of interactions with employees.

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Learn more on how we are engaged on child protection.

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Learn more on our company policies.

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Learn more about SA 8000 standard.

SA 8000

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